What’s New in PCS Axis?

What’s New in PCS Axis?
The following information identifies improvements available in version 1.6 of the PCS Axis software. For more information, view or download a copy of the PCS Axis 1.6 Release Notes.
The upgrade process now copies forward the existing connection settings file set up in Connection Manager when upgrading PCS Axis to v1.6 and higher. Manually copying the file to the desktop prior to upgrading PCS Axis is no longer required.
On/Off Pair UDF: Type of UDF that allows you to set up a custom pair of on/off fields for recording inspection readings in a data grid or form. This UDF is available for both facility and continuous surveys.
Summation UDF: Type of UDF that performs an aggregation on a target field using any one of the following operators: Average, Count, Latest, Maximum, Minimum, and Sum. As an option you can also include one or more user-defined filters in the set up of the UDF to filter the results of aggregated data. Summation UDF is a Permanent Information field available for use in data grids, forms, reports, and as a filter in scheduling.
Prevalidate, Run, Import, Export: Clicking Prevalidate in the Bridge Definition window validates the Bridge definition is set up correctly. The validation process only validates data; it does not import or export data. Clicking Run, Import, or Export in the Bridge Definition window processes the definition by importing or exporting data based on the setup of Bridge definition.
Bridge Import: Check boxes are no longer enabled by default for all “Activate” fields in a Bridge import.
Synchronization / Subscription: A message displays when starting a PCS Axis subscription that identifies the last time the subscription synchronized with the publication database.
CPDM Rectifier Data Grid: The following fields are no longer “read-only” and can be edited: shunt rating, resistance, factor, and rectifier rating.